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The new 256GB ASIAIR Plus will be available April 20th!

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  1. What is ASIair Plus?

    ASIair is an integrated solution developed by ZWO for astrophotography, the world's first large-scale commercial product. ASIair Plus is a newly upgraded, third edition, wireless, intelligent controller.

  2. What can ASIair Plus do?

    ASIair Plus connects the necessary equipment for astrophotography through the body, installs the ASIair app on a mobile phone or tablet tor wireless control, and completes various photographic creation processes, such as image Plate Solving, Scope Focus, Polar Align, Auto Guiding, Autorun (unmanned imaging), Plan (multi-target/mosaic imaging), Live Stacking, Video (planetary imaging), etc.

  3. What devices can ASIair control?

    All the necessary equipment for astrophotography is supported. Support all ASI USB 3.0 and Mini series professional astronomical cameras, a selection of nearly 100 Canon and Nikon DSLR and mirrorless cameras, ZWO EAF and EFW, and more than 400 common equatorial or partial alt-azimuth mounts on the market.

  4. Where can I download ASIair app? How can I update the app in the future?

    You can search the keyword "ASIAIR" in all major app stores to download, install, and update. After connecting to the ASIair WiFi, you can upgrade the firmware with a new app version.

  5. What are the power supply requirements of ASIair Plus?

    The recommended power supply is 11-13.8V @ 2A-5A. When it's lower than 7.5V or higher than 13.8V, ASIair Plus cannot be turned on for safety.

  6. Are there any restrictions on external storage? What is the Type-C USB port?

    Support TF card, external USB storage, such as USB drive, SSD, etc. The storage capacity is recommended to be 512GB, and 1TB maximum. Currently, it supports three file system formats: NTFS, FAT32, and exFAT.

    The Type-C port is only used to connect ASIair Plus to a computer and export files from internal storage and TF card. Data cable with Type-C ports at both ends is not supported


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