Carrying Case for Refractors
Carrying Case for Refractors
Carrying Case for Refractors
Carrying Case for Refractors

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Carrying Case for Refractors

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Compatible with the following optical tube assemblies:

Celestron C6-R, C6-RGT, CR-150; 

Meade 127ED, LXD55 AR-5 / AR-6, LXD75 AR-5 / AR-6; 

Synta Sky-Watcher 15012EQ5

The case includes two lockable latches, three steel-reinforced handles, a 2" by 48" steel hinge and die-cut foam lining with compartments for telescope, finder scope, eyepieces and accessories.  For the Celestron scopes the diagonal must be detached and inserted in a specially designed space in the case.  The Meade diagonal may be left on.


Outside dimensions of the case are approximately 54-1/4" x 15" x 12" and its empty weight is approximately 22.8 lbs.  The shipping box is approximately 16" x 12-3/4" x 55-7/8" (FedEx Ground dimensional weight is 71 lbs.) and the shipping weight is approximately 28.2 lbs.  All values are subject to slight changes.

In the picture below, the telescope profile is of an AR-5.  Note that the diagonal is left in the scope and the focuser is racked out to fill the space.

Our carrying cases are manufactured with exact-fit die-cut foam to hold the telescope as securely as possible.  They can, however, be used for telescopes other than those for which they were designed.  The following information is provided to help you make a decision about purchasing a case for telescopes not listed above. See sizing diagram to the left:

A = 49-1/2 (50" with pullout)
B = 8-1/4"
C = 6-1/2"
D = 10"

E = 9"
F = 6-3/4"
G = 9-1/4"
H = 17"
I = 17"
J= 15-1/4"

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