174M/C - GPS
174M/C - GPS


174M/C - GPS

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QHY174 - cooled usb3.0 planetary/deep sky ColdMOS camera


The QHYCCD Small size ColdMOS camera series includes all the cooled CMOS cameras with sensor size below one inch. This includes the QHY174M/C camera. These cameras utilize Sony's exmor or exmorR modern cmos sensor. The USB3.0 interface supports very high frame rates and also supports long exposure times. This camera is an affordable cooled camera for both planetary and deep sky imaging.
This camera has a 4pin color filter wheel control port.
QHY174M-GPS Time Domain Imager - With GPS PPS Synced High Precision Hardware Stamp
QHY174M-GPS and the non-cooled version QHY174M-GPS is the world's first GPS pps based high precision hardware timestamping camera which is ideal for occultations, transits, real time 3D meteor flying capture, UFO 3D tracing, satellite 3D tracing, unmanned aerial vehicle 3D tracing monitor etc.
The IMX174 has a global shutter and high frame rate. Why not use this capability on time domain imaging?
QHYCCD is proud to declare the QHY174 coldmos camera. The GPS based PrecisonTime function for star eclipses, meteor discovery, UFO recording, and any other scientific exploration is idea for any application which requires extremely high timebase accuracy.
QHY174 has a dual stage TEC cooler providing -45°C below ambient temperature, and full anti-moisture functions which includes the CMOS optic window heater, and the removable silicon tube for CMOS chamber dry control.
QHY174 has a 4pin QHYCFW2 colorwheel control port and 6pin autoguider port.
QHY174 and an anti-amp glow function which reduces the IMX174 sensor's amplifier glow significantly in long exposures.
The most interesting thing is the QHY174's optional Precision-Time functions. It allows two QHY174 cameras to have the same timebase within microseconds anywhere of the world.
QHY174 will record the global shutter exposure starting and ending time with microsecond precision. The time base is synced to GPS timing, so it is very accurate. In order to guarantee the physical exposure start and ending time, QHY174 has a built-in LED pulse calibration circuit at 1 microsecond (us)  precision.
This function is coming from a small optional GPS module for QHY174. This module is tiny and can be installed inside the camera.
Two working mode
Master mode: The camera is free running and the internal 10MHz GPS synced clock will measure the shutter open and close time.
Slave mode: You can input a target start time and the interval period of two frames. For example: You want three cameras in different positions (maybe thousands of kilometers apart) to start exposure at 2016.3.9.UTC 14:00:00.000000 and the interval time is 0.100000sec.
After you input this value. All the three camera will wait till this time and start video recording. The exposure time should be
2016.3.9 UTC 14:00:00.000033
2016.3.9 UTC 14:00:00.100033
2016.3.9 UTC 14:00:00.200033
2016.3.9 UTC 14:00:00.300033
(The 0.00033 is a global delay of the cmos shutter).


Spec Table of QHY174
CMOS sensor
Pixel Size
Full Resolution
Effective Pixels
2mega pixels
Active Image Size
Full Well
output sample depth
Typical Size
1/1.2 inch
Color Version
Mono version
Guide Port
6PIN Guide Port
Color Wheel Control Port
4PIN QHYCFW2 Color Wheel Control Port
2-stage TEC with -40C below ambient with tempearture regular
Optic window heater
Telescope Interface
M42/0.75 thread
Silicon Gel Socket
Reference Price
USD939(QHY 174M)
USD899(QHY 174C)
QHY174GPS (Uncooled) USD939
QHY174-GPS (Cooled) USD1239

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