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Difference between 367C and 367C Pro

The IMX094 sensor, which is equipped in the QHY367C, has a different structure: a special cover glass is glued on the surface of the sensor. Therefore, QHYCCD had to choose the low temperature reflow soldering before because the glue can be easily destroyed under standard reflow soldering temperature. However, the low-temperature reflow soldering method may lead to the potential risk that the CMOS sensor might come loose from the PCB board after a long period of time. Though this problem does not usually happen, the risk does exist.

Now QHYCCD has solved the issue. They redesigned the CMOS sensor structure and use the Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC) to replace the previous PCB. This FPC is very small and it allows them to seal the CMOS sensor manually instead of standard reflow soldering.
This is the previous QHY367C sensor board. The sensor is sealed on PCB board.

The new QHY367C PRO design is something like this (the image is not IMX094 sensor in 367C, but the structure is quite similiar), using the FPC to seal the sensor. The sensor can be manually sealed on FPC, which will avoid the issue above.

In addition to the cold solder issue being solved, the new design also has another two advantages. The one is that the sensor can get cooler (5 to 10 degree delta T increase) since the TEC will cooling the sensor directly instead of cooling the sensor with PCB.The other is that its back focal length is 0.5mm shorter than QHY367C.
Additionally, the QHY367PRO will support the FPGA firmware upgrade via USB function. The internal FPGA code is more easy to get update.
In summary, QHY367PRO-C vs. QHY367C:
1) Solved the colder solder issue of QHY367.
2) Improved the cooler delta T 5-10 degree than before.
3) Reduce the back focal length 0.5mm than before.
4) Support FPGA firmware upgrade via USB function for future hardware function upgrade.
QHY367C Pro -- 36MP 36mm*24mm Full Size Cooled CMOS Camera
The QHY367C Pro has a full frame size 36mega pixels, 14bit CMOS sensor IMX096. This sensor is also used in the Nikon D810A camera. It has 3.2e low readout noise at lowest gain and 2.4e low readout noise at unity gain (system gain = 1e/adu). The QHY367C has a nice dynamic range of more than 14 stops.
Besides the 2-stage TEC, QHYCCD has a unique thermal noise control technology to achieve very low thermal noise.
The QHY367C Pro has a 128MB DDRII image buffer to help the image cache avoid  losing frames. The data will store in the DDR first then transfer to your computer. It will avoid the USB port if it is too busy when there is more than one USB3.0 cameras connected.
The QHY367C Pro has an electric heating board for the CCD glass windows to prevent dew from forming on the window.
In order to avoid halos around bright stars, the QHY367C has an AR+AR coating optic window rather than the common IR cut window for OSC cameras. So you need to use your own IR cut filter on the front of the camera. QHYCCD supplies a 2-inch filter holder for the QHY367C to allow you install this filter.


QHY367C Specification
CMOS Sensor
36mm*24mm full frame
Effective Pixel
7376*4938    36.4mega pixel
Photosensitive Area
Pixel Size
Full Well
Readout Type
Progressive Scan
Electric rolling shutter
Exposure Time
60us-3600 sec
Max Frame Rate
(for both 8bit and 14bit)
3.2FPS@Full Reolusion
7FPS@2160 LINES  (eg. 7400*2160, 4096*2160 etc)
14FPS@1080 LINES (eg. 7400*1080,1920*1080 etc)
83FPS@100 LINES (eg.7400*100)
Pixel Binning
1*1, Hardware Color 3*3
Peak QE
AD Convert
Readout Noise
3.2e@Low gain. 2.4e@unity gain
Maxium Dynamic Range
More than 17000. >14 STOPs
Mechanical Interface
M54/0.75 female thread  see mechanical drawing
Optic window heater
2-stage TEC. -35C below ambinet
Optic Glass Window
AR+AR Clear glass
Silicon gel socket
Weight(Camera only)
Power Consumption
About 30Watte with 100% TEC. 13Watte with 50%TEC
Electric interface
USB3.0      12V DC Power socket with lock(2.1mm)

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