Trius PRO-834 M/C

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Trius PRO-834 M/C

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We are pleased to announce the introduction of the TRIUS PRO-834 camera. This
is part of SONY ICX 1” format sensor series found in our TRIUS PRO-694 & TRIUS
PRO-814 cameras.
The TRIUS PRO-834 has 12 million pixels, each just 3.1 micron square, perfectly
suited to very short focal length optics, such as refractors or DSLR camera lenses.
(Ideally suited for focal lengths of 300mm - 600mm)
With read-noise figures better than many CMOS cameras, along with high QE
(Quantum Efficiency), delta cooling of approx. -45°C, 16bit data, and good full well
depth figures, this is a great new addition to a wide field deep-sky imaging setup.
As with all of our TRIUS cameras, the CCD chamber is purged with Argon gas to keep
the CCD chamber free of moisture. There is also an AR coated fused silica window
at the front of the camera and the built-in USB hub for driving your guide camera and
filter wheel.


CCD Mega Pixels CCD Size (mm) Array Download Time Read Noise Delta Cooling Body Size QE Full Well Weight ADC
ICX834 12M 12.5x10 4240x2824 (3.1um) 4.2 sec <3-e -45°C 75x70mm 78% >8k 0.45kg 16 bit

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