SVX152T Premier Apo Triplet Refractor
SVX152T Premier Apo Triplet Refractor
SVX152T Premier Apo Triplet Refractor


SVX152T Premier Apo Triplet Refractor

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This is Stellarvue's new Flagship 152 mm f-7.9 Apochromatic Triplet Refractor. The high Strehl FPL-53 Ohara triplet has a conventional front element, FPL-53 center element and Lanthanum rear element for extremely sharp and high contrast performance. The aluminum tube is power-coated in our Instrument White color and the dew shield has the Stellarvue logo engraved on it. 

These are not mass produced optics. The SVX152T objective is hand figured in our optical shop in Auburn California to the highest optical specifications. We address spherical issues, astigmatism, trefoil and coma by individually hand crafting each objective by machine and by hand. We provide a certified test report with every 130 mm telescope we manufacture demonstrating its optical prowess. This lens, with its optical design and high optical accuracy outperforms less expensive lenses of standard commercial quality.

This is our highest resolution telescope which performs flawlessly as a visual or photographic instrument. There is a large photographic field flattener and a large reducer flattener available allowing for astro-photography at f-7.9 or f-5.6. With an APS-c or smaller chip, the telescope may be used without any flattener. Our massive 3.5" focuser has 3 7/8" of travel and holds even the largest/heaviest accessories without strain. The smooth 10-1 fine focus knob allows very  focusing and may be outfitted with temperature compensating motorization.

American machined rings are strong and stable, made of 6061-T6 aluminum precision cnc machined to exact tolerance. Cast rings can break, our rings never do. 

The telescope comes with our Losmandy-Style 13" D plate and a heavy-duty, American made Roadie-style case with wheels, a handle and solid 3/8" plywood walls (This is a durable and strongly padded hard case - it is not the typical cheap import case). 

Also included is our F50W2 finderscope with illuminated reticle eyepiece and R050FA Finder rings. 

Each lens is tested here to meet our APO Triplet standard with straight lines, .96 or better Strehl ratio and an excellent Airy disk. Using the best glass combined with highly accurate figuring and continuous testing throughout the process, this is as good as it gets.

For those currently on the wait list we plan to complete your telescope this year. Updates will be sent out every couple of months.

New orders placed now should be delivered early next year. Your lens will be meticulously and individually hand figured here in Auburn CA to the highest optical standard. Performance of your lens will be documented here using our Zygo laser interferometer. This test report will certify the actual performance of your lens. The delivery date estimate shown refers to new orders placed now. Actual delivery dates may vary since each telescope objective takes a different amount of time to hand figure to perfection. The sooner you order, the sooner you will have yours. 


Objective lens:
Air spaced 152 mm, 1200 mm focal length (f-7.9) fully multi-coated, apochromatic triplet using a combination of Ohara FPL-53 extra low dispersion center element with a Lanthanum rear element. Lens is mounted in an adjustable temperature compensating
Tube Assembly:
All aluminum, Instrument White, fully baffled, 6 1/8" diameter tube. Telescope is 44 1/2" long with dew shield retracted and 52" long when extended.
Dew Shield:
Retracting aluminum dew shield that is 7 3/8" diameter and 11 3/4" in total length. Instrument white color, laser logo engraving and black anodized aluminum fittings.
Optical tube assembly is 23.2 pounds. With rings and TP-13 Losmandy style rail added the total weight is 27 pounds.
Starlight Instruments Feather Touch 3.5" focuser with 4.5" of travel. Fully rotating with finder scope shoe attached.
Very heavy duty, American made cnc mounting rings using 6061 T6 aluminum plate. Five threaded 1/4-20 holes top and bottom spaced 1.5" and 60 mm apart with one in the center. 5 mm side hole for reflect finder mounting.
Heavy duty American made roadie style hard case made of 3/8" plywood, durable hard cover, handle and wheels.
Stellarvue F50W2 correct image optical finder with rings included.
Star Diagonal:
Optional. Please note, you can purchase our 2" diagonal upgrade for only $139 above. The upgrade diagonal is the same as the D1029ED deluxe dielectric diagonal but it does not come with the FA2 adapter since the telescope already has one.
We recommend the complete Optimus Series for the highest performance.
Photographic Field Flattener:
Optional. We recommend the SFFR152 Reducer flattener for imaging at 864 mm f-5.6
Light Gain:
471.5 times that of the naked eye.
Color Correction (1-10):
.76 Arc Seconds
Maximum magnification:
Depends on seeing conditions. There is no reason a high end, hand crafted Apochromat cannot be taken to 100X per inch under steady skies.


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