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CT8 f/4.5 Ultra Newtonian

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The CT Range has a Sandwich construction Carbon Fibre tube with a very pleasing gloss external surface and matt black internal tube surface. Offering the ultimate physical stability with virtually zero expansion for focal plane maintenance.

The rear mirror support  is our 9 Point Flotation CNC machined Mirror Cell. This maintains positional accuracy and hence perfect image quality. Also at the rear, our Fan cooling system will minimise cool down times and help maintain image quality during viewing. Fan(s) can be left in continuous operation.

Fitted with a precision 2" focuser with silky smooth reduction gearing.

A Quality adjustable 50mm achromatic Finder is included to assist finding the faintest of objects. No eyepieces are supplied with CT OTA's. Also available as an optional extra are Baseplate Attachments and a choice of Dovetails.

In terms of optical performance, the CT range are unsurpassed. Each model is supplied with a Zygo report showing all the relevant details of the mirror’s performance in our optical laboratory. With any CT telescope you are guaranteed the best optical quality available in a precision Newtonian. You will experience the sky in a different perspective after seeing exactly what the highest quality of optica can deliver in image quality.

All our CT range primary mirrors are made from Schott Borosilicate Low Expansion Suprax glass (virtually identical to Pyrex), as are all our primary mirrors on all ranges of telescopes. The mirrors are all produced to exacting paraboloidal standard configuration to Ultra accuracies. How exact are they? Well, we don’t release one to our coating department unless it achieves a surface accuracy of 1/20 wave (1/10PV wavefront) or better. How do we know when we have achieved that very high degree of accuracy?

We use one of the worlds most exacting measuring devices, a Zygo Laser Interferometer. Take a few minutes and visit the Zygo page and be amazed at just how good this machine is at measuring optics, it can measure optical distances which are smaller than 2,000, yes, 2,000 times smaller than the thickness of a human hair.

Without a Zygo or similarly accurate and reliable measuring instrument, it is impossible to give accurate measurements of an optics’ or telescope’s performance. Only the best manufacturers in the business of making telescopes use them because they are not suitable for mass produced telescopes, they are slow to use and need highly skilled technicians to operate them, it just does not lend itself to anything other than the highest quality, hand figured optics, definitely not mass produced optics to a tight budget.

Primary mirrors are Hilux coated for the highest possible aluminium protected reflective surfaces available.


The CT8 is the introductory model in our incredible CT range of telescopes. Not only will it enable you to see things thought impossible with a 200mm telescope but, we know you will find in using it that images overall, even the ones you are perhaps familiar with in the night sky, become so much more detailed and interesting.

Having a 1/10PV primary mirror which, along with the secondary are both Hilux coated, fine detail on the planets becomes a far easier target, contrast is enhanced because of the super smooth reflecting surface which collects all the light into a highly detailed image plane, perfect territory for high magnification viewing.






Focal length


focal ratio


4 vane spider

stainless steel 
fully adjustable


2" Focuser with
reduction gearing

extension tubes

40mm long
screw threaded

optical glass main mirror



Enhanced Hilux

tube diameter


tube length


tube material

Carbon fibre sandwich



secondary size


mirror cell

CNC Machined alum.
9 point suspension

secondary holder

machined alum. with 
rotatable holder

weight of tube



CNC machined tube 
rings anodised black

weight of rings

1 Kg

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