LX85 Series 6000 80mm APO Triplet Refractor
LX85 Series 6000 80mm APO Triplet Refractor
LX85 Series 6000 80mm APO Triplet Refractor
LX85 Series 6000 80mm APO Triplet Refractor
LX85 Series 6000 80mm APO Triplet Refractor
LX85 Series 6000 80mm APO Triplet Refractor


LX85 Series 6000 80mm APO Triplet Refractor

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  • Series 6000 80mm Triplet APO 
  • Fully Multi-Coated Optics
  • Vixen-style dovetail
  • D= 80mm. F= 480mm. f/6 Apochromatic Refracting Telescope<
  • Aluminum Hard Carry Case Included


    Meade's new LX85 Series features a high-quality, portable, GoTo, German equatorial mount. The LX85 Series is the perfect choice for the cultivated observer and astro-imager looking to chase deep sky objects such as galaxies, star clusters, nebulae, and more. With the included AudioStar hand controller, you have easy access to a database of over 30,000 objects, that you can view with a simple press of a button! AudioStar features a built-in speaker that plays educational content about the celestial objects you view! Use as a stand-alone mount or maximize your viewing potential with an array of different optical tubes to choose from. Meade's LX85 Series will keep you looking up for many years to come and sets a standard for mid-sized telescopes at a great price.

    The Series 6000 Apochromatic Refractors are some of the best crafted refractors on the market.  Each refractor is individually constructed and tested to ensure that they meet our highest standards, both optically and mechanically.

    These telescopes were built with the observer and imager in mind.  With the three element optical design using the highest grade extra-low dispersion optical glass, false color is virtually eliminated, yielding astonishing color correction, contrast, and sharpness.

    New to the Series 6000 Triplets APOs is the proprietary 2.5” dual-speed rack-and-pinion focuser. The focuser comes with a 10:1 fine focus knob for precise focusing.  It includes millimeter markings on the drawtube to assist with focusing accuracy and is also rotatable which allows for easy framing of the photographed object. New for this focuser is the 2” self-center locking ring that allows diagonals or cameras to be well centered to the optical train every time the locking ring is engaged.

    Standard equipment also includes a fully extendable dew shield, mounting rings, a Vixen-style dovetail, and an aluminum hard carry case to protect your investment when not in use.

    In addition to the deluxe focuser the Series 6000 Apochromatic Refracting Telescopes now have an optional 0.8x Focal Reducer/Field Flattener for photographic purposes. For wide field images the 2” focal reducer/flattener will reduce the 80mm refractor from f/6 to an f/4.8 and the 3” model will reduce the f/7 115mm and 130mm refractors to f5.5.  The new reducer will optically flatten the images  yielding pin-point stars to the edge of your photographic frame.


    The Series 6000 Apochromatic Refractors will fill the need of the most discerning astronomer.  For crisp wide-field observing and imaging, nothing can beat a true three-element Apochromatic Refractor (APO). Meade Series 6000 ED APO Triplets are among the finest available optically at any price.

    Optical tube measures approximately 15.5" x 4.5" x 6" and weighs 6.9 pounds.

    Product carries full one year Meade limited factory warranty. 



     Triplet APO's 80mm
    Aperture 80mm
    Focal Length 480mm
    f/Ratio f/6
    Assembled Product Weight 41.1 lbs
    Assembled Product Dimensions TBD
    OTA Weight 7 lbs
    OTA Dimensions 15.5" x 4.5" x 6"
    Optical Design Apochromatic Refractor
    Optical Glass FPL 53 ED
    Optical Coatings Fully Multi-Coated
    Focuser 2.5" Dual Rack & Pinion, 10:1 fine focuser
    Dovetail Vixen Style
    Viewfinder None
    Dew Shield Fully Extendable

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