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SVX080T-3SV Premier Photo-Visual Apochromatic Triplet Refractor

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Premier Stellarvue Optics! These are not mass produced optics. The SVX80 objective is hand figured in our optical shop in Auburn California to the highest optical specifications. We address spherical issues, astigmatism, trefoil and coma by individually hand crafting each objective by machine and by hand. We provide a certified test report with every apo tripet telescope we manufacture demonstrating its optical prowess. This lens, with its optical design and high optical accuracy outperforms less expensive lenses of standard commercial quality.

The SVX80 is the wide field imaging system to buy if you want the best performance both visually and photographically. This system comes with an extremely high Strehl (highly accurate) triplet objective for the ultimate visual experience. Also included is a matched SFF3 field flattener that threads onto the 3" Stellarvue focuser for imaging. This system uses an over-sized 3" focuser that eliminates the vignetting seen when using full sized ccd chips and a 2.5" focuser. This focuser is robust, smooth and stable. 

Also included are Stellarvue's riser blocks and a Losmandy-sized mounting rail. The riser block are necessary to position the telescope and camera in a balanced configuration. The visual/photographic system is specifically designed for imaging and has American made hardware with rings that bolt directly to the tube completely eliminating any felt flexure. The heavy duty 3" focuser is also hard mounted to the tube with a highly accurate rotator. This maintains alignment better than many rotating focusers on the market. The SVX80 comes in a heavy duty, American made hard case that holds the telescope, riser blocks and rings as one unit. Merely take it from the case and slide it onto your mount. 


Each lens focuses light precisely and in addition the extreme broadband coatings on each surface enhance it even further. Using it visually, the stars appear vivid and the background, velvet black. Since these coatings transmit more than 99% in the visual spectrum and far above and below it, reflections seen on CCD images are eliminated. The relatively fast speed and high Strehl optics make the 80 apo an excellent wide field imaging telescope while the visual performance is simply stunning. 

Tube and dew shield: Comes with an aluminum tube and dew shield that is finished in Instrument White powder coating. The dew shield is fixed and the dust cover threads into place.  

Internal tube treatment:  The inside of the main tube assembly is painted "ultra flat black" and the focuser is baffled to eliminate any tube wall reflections.


The SFF3 field flattener threads onto the draw tube. Simply un-thread the 2" visual back and thread the SFF3 in its place. The flattener is optimized to work with DSLR cameras and has a 55 mm back-focus. But this is a modular field flattener and the extensions behind the lens may be removed to create a much larger back-focus, over 100 mm, if needed.

If you are not sure about how to do this, give us a call. We can make modified adapters to work with your particular camera system.  

We have developed a full frame, dedicated .74X reducer/flattener for this telescope. This unit will be available by November 1.

For visual use we highly recommend the Stellarvue Optimus eyepieces and our 2" quartz mirror star diagonal. This will provide you with the widest, sharpest field of view and maintain the extremely high contrast this apo lens delivers. 


Objective Lens:
80 mm f-6 480 mm focal length Apo Triplet
Weight without riser blocks/rail:
7 lbs
Weight with riser blocks and rail:
10.4 Lbs
Length of optical tube with focuser racked in:
Dewshield Front Ring Diameter:
Image Circle:

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