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Zenithstar 61 APO (A-Z61)

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Aperture 61mm
Focal Ratio F/5.9
Focal Length 360 mm
Objective Type Synthetic Flourite FPL 53 Doublet, Air Spaced, APO 
Fully Multi-Coated, SMC coating.
Image Circle Z61 Φ 41mm / z61 with Flat 61 Φ 43mm
Limiting Magnitude 10
Lens Shade Retractable
Focuser 50.8mm(2") R&P Focuser
with 1:10 Dual Speed micro focuser
75 mm Focuser Travel Length
1.25" Adapter Compression Rings
L-type Mount Rotatable L Bracket
Field Stops Baffles
Tube Length 230 mm Fully Retracted
300 mm Fully Extended
Tube Weight 1.45kg

Specification for Apochromatic Lenses

All WO refractors objective are double tested and inspected before shipping to our customer, these telescopes are free of coma and astigmatism.




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