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100° Series Eyepiece Kit

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This kit includes the 5.5mm, 9mm, and 14mm eyepieces from the 100° Series eyepieces.

Explore Ultra-Wide Eyepieces - Comfort, Quality, Value. The Explore Scientific 100° Series™ eyepieces are hyper-wide class oculars that can transform your visual astronomy experience. You may be startled at the amazingly wide expanse of inky black sky you behold the first time you bring your eye to a 100 degree Series eyepiece, and after awhile, you may even forget that you have an eyepiece between you and the universe! With an apparent field of view that is close to the maximum for hyper-wide eyepiece design, objects are not only easier to locate, but for non-driven telescopes the object will stay in the field of view for a very long time before any adjustments need to be made.


Description 5.5mm 100° Series Argon-Purged Waterproof Eyepiece 9mm 100° Series Argon-Purged Waterproof Eyepiece 14mm 100° Series Argon-Purged Waterproof Eyepiece
Item Number EPWP10055-01 EPWP1009-01 EPWP10014-01
Focal Length 5.5mm 9mm 14mm
Length 150mm 145mm 157mm
Width 56mm 60mm 70mm
Weight 21.6oz; 612g 21.2oz; 602g 29.4oz; 836g
Barrel Size 2.00” 2.00” 2.00”
Eye Relief 10.5mm 12.5mm 14.5mm
Field Stop Diameter: 9.6mm 15.7mm 24.4mm

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