USED Piggy-Cam
USED Piggy-Cam
USED Piggy-Cam
USED Piggy-Cam

Tele Vue

USED Piggy-Cam

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This Used Piggy Cam is in good condition with some scuffs. 

Concept: Piggy-Cam provides a solid, adjustable platform for piggy-backing your camera on a variety of telescopes. — Al Nagler

Secure your camera to Piggy-Cam for greatest flexibility in piggy-back photography. Piggy-Cam's 3/8" thick tilting base plate can be locked at virtually any angle allowing you the most pleasing photo composition.

The captive ¼"-20 lock screw rides in a slot making it easy to mount any 35mm camera. Though designed for Tele Vue telescopes, Piggy-cam's U-shaped mounting bracket is easily adaptable to most any scope.

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