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USED Nagler Type 2 82° Eyepiece | 12mm

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This USED eyepiece is in good condition.

The Original Nagler

The concept was crafted into a 7 element, long eye relief, flat field design able to tame telescopes as fast as f/4. The original Nagler eyepieces immediately became an industry benchmark for full field aberration correction. Now, all the inherent image quality of your telescope is delivered across a tack-sharp 82 degree apparent field of view.

Compare a penny to a half dollar to see the relative size between a 50 degree and 82 degree apparent field - almost 3 times the area difference! 

And while others boast of impressive apparent field sizes, Tele Vue's philosophy of "showing no field unless it's fine" stresses full field image quality as the ingredient for impressive views. 

Controlling image degrading eyepiece aberrations such as astigmatism and lateral color sharpens star images and reveals fainter stars at field's edge. 

We look at our universe differently today because of the Nagler series of eyepieces. Pat Walker, an early owner, described the views through the Nagler series as "picture windows with magnification."

Nagler Type 2

The original Nagler series had already achieved image correction 10 times better than previous wide angle eyepieces. For the "Dobsonian revolution" the new 8-element design allowed longer focal lengths in smaller packages and optimized the Type 2s for both day and nighttime viewing. All Nagler Type 2s have a fold down rubber eyeguard and knurled rubber grip ring. Both the 16mm and 12mm Nagler Type 2s have the 2" "skirt" allowing use with both 1 1/4" and 2" focusers. 

Nagler 12mm Type 2

As superb as the 16mm, but with higher magnification. Corrected for day as well as night-time use, this is an excellent alternate to the 13mm Nagler.

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