USED Power Pack II


USED Power Pack II

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This USED Power Pack II is in good condition.


    The Starizona Power Pack II is the perfect portable 12-volt power supply for a computerized telescope. It was designed with alt-azimuth fork-mounted SCTs especially in mind. The Power Pack can ride on the base of the scope, preventing cord wrap issues. It also works with most other telescope designs as well.

    The new version of our popular Power Pack uses lithium-polymer battery technology, providing more power in an even lighter-weight package than its predecessor. The weight is about half that of the previous Power Pack. The pack will easily run a goto telescope all night.

    The Power Pack II uses a standard plug compatible with all current (and most older) Celestron telescopes. A plug adapter is required for use with Meade telescopes.

    The Power Pack II includes an AC adapter for recharging. Two LEDs indicate charge status and power status during use.

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