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Baader Planetarium

Used - 1.25" Moon and Skyglow Filter

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Based on earlier research at Carl Zeiss, Baader has developed a new filter that uses Neodymium glass which filters out a few specific wavelengths from streetlights as well as skyglow from the Moon. The unique spectral characteristics of Neodymium also boost color contrasts by isolating the red, green, and blue regions (so-called RGB enhancement). The result is a filter that leaves natural colors mostly intact, but significantly enhanced.

Planetary and Lunar views are improved in all scopes, reflectors, refractors (APO or Achro). Jupiter's Great Red Spot and ruddy hues of the bands are noticeably enhanced, and contrast of the Martian surface features are significantly boosted. The Background sky is darkened, and subtle details improved. The filter's high efficiency preserves image brightness, and many galaxies, nebulae and globular star clusters are improved due to the reduction of skyglow from the Moon and artificial lighting.

Baader has also enhanced this filter by integrating its proprietary 7-layer Phantom Group and UV/IR blocking coatings as well. The result is improved suppression of chromatic aberration for astrophotography applications. The ultra-hard and durable ion-beam hardened coatings may be cleaned anytime without fear of damaging the filter.

The filter substrate is a special custom melt of Neodymium doped glass made only for Baader Planetarium. In addition to its unique spectral characteristics, Baader Moon & Skyglow filters surfaces are polished optically flat to deliver the best possible image sharpness and contrast, even when used well away from the focal plane, and even at high magnification. The high quality of Baader Planetarium filters also permits stacking with other filters with no image degradation.

The second image above demonstrate the large contrast improvement on Mars.  The image on the left was taken without filtration, while the image on the right was taken through a Moon & Skyglow. The Moon & Skyglow image shows significantly higher contrast and reveals surface features barely visible without the filter. Both images were acquired identically, without any contrast enhancement, and give a very good idea of the planetary contrast improvement that is seen visually.

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