Used - Radian 18mm
Used - Radian 18mm

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Used - Radian 18mm

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This is in like new condition, and includes the original box, endcaps, packaging, and documentation.

Instadjust was developed for maximizing contrast while aiding in proper eye positioning for non-eyeglass wearers. It is essential, since with the Radian's long eye-relief, non-eyeglass wearers could easily get too close to the eyepiece, resulting in vignetting where edge field rays miss your pupil. The push-pull, click-stop adjustment permits fast positioning and maximum suppression of environmental stray light.

Another unique development is the Pupil Guide. It helps non-eyeglass wearers, especially novices, zero-in and stay centered on the exit pupil. The Pupil Guide is included with all Radian and Nagler Type 4s and fits under the soft, fold-down rubber eyeguard.

Radian  ERD-18.0  18  1¼"  6 / 4  60  B  20  0.49 / 7.8

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