1.25" Collimating Cheshire (FP260)


1.25" Collimating Cheshire (FP260)

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A precision-machined alignment tool for 1.25" apertures, this is a basic and useful collimation tool. It is practically indestructible and requires no batteries. Includes mirror spotting template, center spots and instructions.

A Cheshire eyepiece or Cheshire collimator is a simple tool that helps aligning the optical axes of the mirrors or lenses of a telescope, a process called collimation. It consists of a peephole to be inserted into the focuser in place of the eyepiece. Through a lateral opening, ambient light falls on the brightly painted oblique back of the peephole. Images of this bright surface are reflected by the mirrors or lenses of the telescope and can thus be seen by a person peering through the hole. A Cheshire eyepiece contains no lenses or other polished optical surfaces.

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