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1.25" Mars Observing Eyepiece Filter (94310)

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Celestron’s Mars filter combines the advantages of red and blue filters in a single filter to bring out a wealth of detail while allowing maximum light transmission for brighter views. This high quality glass filter contains multiple coatings to maximize light transmission in specific wavelengths, bringing out incredible detail of the Martian surface.

Eyepiece filters reduce glare and light scattering, increase contrast through selective filtration, increase definition and resolution, and lessen eye fatigue. To attach the filter onto an eyepiece, simply thread the male thread on the filter into the bottom of the eyepiece barrel. Then insert the eyepiece (with filter attached) into eyepiece holder of your telescope.


• Specialized premium Mars filter designed to bring out subtle details in the Martian surface
• Glass filter contains multiple coatings to maximize light transmission in specific wavelengths
• Mars filter improves contrast to help observe subtle surface details
• Can be used with telescopes of all sizes, even smaller telescopes
• 1.25” filter will fit most telescope eyepieces, diagonals and accessories
• Metal filter housing for durability

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