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1200 Standard Pier Adapter (1200SPA)

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The standard 1200 Pier Adapter was included with every mount shipped prior to 2003. Many people purchased an extra one to use on a second pier.

Beginning in 2004, we offer two choices for the pier adapter - the original standard version or the new Precision-Adjust Rotating Pier Adapter with Azimuth Bearing (1200RPA) as shown above.

The Standard Pier Adapter includes the machined flat plate, four machined aluminum lock knobs with 5/16 x 1.5"OD flat washers, azimuth adjuster block, six 5/16-18 x 5/8" socket buttonhead screws and 5/16 x 9/16"OD x 0.060" flat washers. All machined parts are black anodized and the fasteners are stainless steel. 

The adapter plate fits into your Astro-Physics Portable Pier and is bolted from the side or bolts on top of a flat surface. In late 2007, four additional holes were tapped into this plate to allow the 900 Standard Pier Adapter (900SPA) or the 900 Flat Surface Adapter (900FSA) to be used on a 10" pier.

Please refer to this illustration for important dimensions.
1200 Mount Base (Pier Adapter) Dimensions

Mounts: Can be used with all previous mounts - DA, QMD, SMD and GTO versions. 
Note: The Azimuth Adjuster Block on this adapter is designed to be used with the Heavy Duty Azimuth Adjuster and does not need to be upgraded.

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