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163M and CFW3-M-US (7x36mm) Combination

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QHY163M/C camera has 4/3inch, 16mega pixel size CMOS sensor. It has both mono version and color version. USB3.0 interface, 23FPS@16mega pixel full resolution output, 30FPS@4K HD video output.
QHY163M/C has very low readout noise and 8/12bit ADC. Two stage TEC cooling and the typical maxium delta T is -40 below ambient. It has the full airproof CMOS Chamber and the electric heater for the optic window to prevent the dew issue.
128MB DDR Buffer
As the member of QHYCCD high pixel cmos camera, QHY163M/C has the build-in 128MB DDRII image buffer. Which has great helping to big image transfer, prevent the frame lost under long exposure and let the camera running smoothly in some low speed computer or the USB2.0 port.
Fully Anti-Dew Solution
With more than ten years experience on cooled CCD camera design. QHYCCD applied the fully anti-dew technology to the QHY163 including the fully air proof CMOS chamber with silicon gel tube socket and the CMOS window heater. With these technology you doe not need worry about the dew form on both CMOS sensor and the optic windows, even in a high humidity environment.


QHY163M/C Camera Specification
CMOS Sensor
4/3inch 16mega pixel CMOS Sensor (Color/Mono)
Effective Pixels
Pixel Size
Effective Area
Electric Rolling Shutter.
Typical 18-20ke
Readout Noise
2.4e@low gain    1e@high gain
System Gain
Unity Gain
Frame Rate (on 8bit)
22.5FPS@16mega Full Resolution
30FPS@4K HD Video   
ROI Support
Yes. Any Area ROI
Exposure Time
AD Sample Depth
10bit/12bit (8bit/12bit output)
On Camera Image Buffer
Yes, 128MB DDRII Buffer
2-stage TEC, Typical -40 below Ambient. Temperature Regulated
USB Powered for camera and +12V powered for TEC
Anti Dew Control
Air Connector for removable silicon gel tube
Heat board for optic window of airproof CCD chamber
Computer Interface
USB3.0 Super Speed
Telescope Interface
M42/0.75&2inch adapter. Optional C-mount adapter
Color Wheel Port
4PIN QHYCFW2 socket
Guide Port
6PIN RJ11 Guide Port
Optic Window
AR+AR (Mono)    IR+AR(Color)
Power consumption
QHY163 Electric Interface
12V input with lock, USB3.0 socket, 4PIN QHYCFW, 6PIN RJ11


The QHYCCD 3rd-Generation Color Filter Wheel

New ultra-thin stepper motor drive and fully automatic filter switching revolutionizes overall performance!

New ultra-thin hybrid stepper motor drive.

QHYCCD selected a high quality ultra-thin hybrid stepper motor for the 3rd generation filter wheel design. Compared to the PM stepper motor used in many filter wheels, the hybrid stepper motor has higher precision, smaller step angle, and is more expensive. The motor is enclosed to prevent dust from entering the motor, thus improving reliability and motor life. The direction of filter rotation can be reversed: The filter carousel can be rotated clockwise or counterclockwise to complete the rotation quickly which is very convenient. The overall design is thinner.

Friction drive with zero backlash

Regarding the evolution of the motor drive, our 2nd generation filter wheels used a gear drive while this 3rd generation filter wheel uses a friction drive that results in zero backlash during operation.

USB serial port switch.

The serial port switch can accommodate fast switching between serial communication mode and USB communication mode.

Use the USB port to power the filter wheel.

The filter wheel supports the QHY 4-pin connection control mode. The firmware is open source and compatible with Arduino. The design is compatible with the QHY-OAG (off-axis guide) for the corresponding size

Beautiful in appearance and ingenious.

The QHYCFW3 main body is cut from a single piece of aluminum by a precision CNC machine. The craftsmanship and finish are exquisite. When you hold the small design, you do not want to put it down!
A specially designed filter carousel allows the installation of unmounted filters of different thicknesses. Mounted Filters below 10 mm thick can be installed and unmounted filters of different thicknesses can also be mounted on the same filter disc. Filter positioning is more precise and faster.


The configuration of the filter wheel includes:

  • M42 (M) to 2-inch extension ring
  • 400mm oblique ring
  • M3*6 screw × 6
  • M4*70mm hand screw × 2
  • M4*35mm hand screw × 3
  • M2*4 screw × 30
  • Φ2*4 red gasket × 60
  • Φ3*6 red gasket × 30
  • M2*6×21
  • M2*3 spiral guide column × 21
  • Φ3 red gasket × 21
  • DIN4 to R11 filter wheel cable (optional QHY22, QHY11 series application)
  • Communication line (optional QHY9 application)
  • Power splitter (optional QHY9 application)

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