16x70 Premium Binoculars (PB16X70)
16x70 Premium Binoculars (PB16X70)
16x70 Premium Binoculars (PB16X70)
16x70 Premium Binoculars (PB16X70)
16x70 Premium Binoculars (PB16X70)


16x70 Premium Binoculars (PB16X70)

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Binoculars are the perfect companion for the upcoming solar eclipse as well as your future nature studies and exploration of the night sky. We are pleased to offer our new 11x70 and 16x70 binoculars to accompany you on your journeys or enjoy in your backyard. 

These 70mm binoculars will provide an outstanding and memorable view of the partial phases of the solar eclipse when coupled with appropriate solar filters on the front of the binocular. If you are lucky enough to be in the eclipse path, you will enjoy the full expanse of the corona in the wide field of view, solar prominences and pick up any stars and planets that appear in the darkened sky. Venus, Jupiter, Mars and Mercury will all be viewable during totality. Do NOT view the partial phases of the eclilpse without the proper solar filters or you will damage your eyes. 

If you would like to read more about the capabilities, check out Roland's comments penned in 2006 regarding the 10.5x70 and 15x70 binoculars that we offered previously. We are pleased to offer the newest rendition of these binoculars with 11mm and 16mm magnifications. They offer a flatter field, are sharper at the edges and color fringing is reduced.

Each Premium Binocular includes

  • Your choice of 11x or 16x power binoculars
  • Caps for the eyepieces and objectives
  • Removable strap for binocular
  • Padded soft-case with removable strap and internal storage pocket
  • Heavy-duty Tripod Adapter - metal casting construction with a rubber insert on the base, which prevents it from shifting on your tripod. You don't pay extra for this rugged adapter!


  • High light-transmission, fully-illuminated exit pupil
  • Magnesium-alloy construction with rubber-armored covering for secure grip in your hands
  • Waterproof and shockproof - built to military standards
  • Nitrogen purged
  • High-quality eyepieces
  • Edge-to-edge sharp and distortion-free
  • Precise individual focuser for each eyepiece
  • Excellent contrast and definition for nighttime deep-sky viewing
  • ¼-20 thread to attach tripod adapter
  • High value for the price
11 X 70mm (PB11X70)
16 X 70mm (PB16X70)
11 X
16 X
70 mm
70 mm
Exit Pupil
6.4 mm
4.4 mm
Twilight Factor
Flattener Eyepiece Design (#Elements/#Groups)
5E / 4G
8E / 5G
Apparent field of view
52.8 degrees
65.6 degrees
Actual field of view - deg.
4.8 degrees
4.1 degrees
Field of view at 1000 yds
252 ft. @ 1000 yds
216 ft. @ 1000 ft.
Field of view at 1000m
84m @ 1000m
72m @ 1000m
Eye Relief
Minimum Focus Distance
Light Transmission
Optical coatings
Every surface fully multi-coated with modern high-contrast multi-layers (HC-ML)
Porro Prism:
Barium Crown (BAK4) prisms for full illumination
Interpupillary Range
56mm - 74mm
56mm - 74mm
Positive Ocular Diopter Adjustment
Negataive Ocular Diopter Adjustment
Water Resistance / Proof
1m Water Depth / 30 min
2.40 kg, 5.3 lb.
2.44 kg, 5.4 lb.


Choosing Your Binocular

These 70 mm binoculars come in two powers, 11x and 16x. If your preference is to do more sweeping of the skies or daytime vistas while hand holding, we would recommend the 11x, though a tripod is advised for extended viewing. The 16x binos definitely should be held on a tripod. The exit pupil on the 11x is 6.4 mm, while the 16x has a 4.4 mm exit pupil. 

The smaller exit pupil of the 16x will be a better match for older eyes that do not open up to the larger diameter of the 11x version. The 16x power also will have a small advantage to the faintest magnitude star that can be seen. Eyeglass wearers note: both binoculars have fold down rubber eye cups and can be used with glasses, although some people may not be able to see the full field in the 16x model.

Quality Assurance and Warranty

Our goal at Astro-Physics has always been the complete satisfaction of our loyal customers. To that end, each and every binocular is inspected and tested before being shipped. Each Premium Binocular should provide many years of flawless service with reasonable care. Should your binoculars ever become damaged by accident or misadventure, repair service is an available option. 

We warrant to the original purchaser that each pair of our Premium Binoculars will be free from all defects in materials and/or workmanship for a period of one year from the date of purchase. During that year, we will either repair or replace (at our sole discretion) any properly, cared-for unit with defects that are not the result of negligence, mishandling or abuse.


Remember: Our prices INCLUDE insured standard ground shipping to U.S. customers in the 48 contiguous states!


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