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185mm Refractor - Super Planetary Series

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Clear aperture - 185 mm
Focal length - 1610 mm; Focal ratio - 8.7 - Super Planetary Series

Optical Quality:

From CFF Optical Designer, Pal Gyulai:

"All our objectives are guaranteed to have a minimum of .96 Strehl in green light and are optimized for the wavelengths where eye is most sensitive, 555 - 560 nm.

· Manufacturing specifications:

        - Strehl ratio better than 96% at 532 nm.
        - Wave front error p.t.v. is no more than 0.166 of wave-length at 532 nm.
        - Surface finish: IV class according to 11141-84

· Dimensions of scratches and points/inclusions shall not exceed the following values:
   · Scratches with less than 0.02mm width:
        - Number of scratches: less than 0.1 clear aperture
        - Total length of scratches: less than 1 clear aperture.
   · Points with less than 0.3mm diameter:
        - Number of points: less than 0.25 clear aperture
   · Total area of all defects: less than 0.05 clear aperture (mm2)

· Multiple layer coatings on front and back surfaces. Reflectivity = 0.25%/surface.

· Slight color variations in the light reflected from anti-reflection coatings are allowed.

· Bubbles and inclusions in glass material are allowed under 0.5mm diameter. Maximum number of bubbles and inclusions is 2 pieces per lens. Bubbles and inclusions under 0.03mm diameter are disregarded."


Minimum Length - from 1160 mm (fully retracted dew shield)*
Maximum Length - up to 1800 mm (fully extended dew shield)*
Back-focus - 180 to 220 mm (on request)
Tube diameter - 185 mm
Dew shield diameter - 217 mm
Weight - 18 kg, including rings

Includes 3.5" Starlight Instruments Feather Touch Focuser.

Accessories included in the price: CNC rings, flight case

  • Field Corrector => Corrected Field = 55 mm;
  • Dovetail, Losmandy Type, 350 mm
  • Handle, 350 mm, paired with Dovetail

Price is inclusive of import costs.


* Minimum and Maximum Length values are dependent on focal ratio and back-focus value chosen
* Weight may vary from version to version, depending on back-focus, focuser type

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