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250mm Classical Cassegrain

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Clear aperture - 250 mm;
Focal ratio - 15; Focal length - 3750 mm;
Central Obstruction - 26%;
Focal ratio - 20; Focal length - 5000 mm;
Central Obstruction - 24%;
Primary substrate - Supremax33; Quartz/Clearceram HS (special order);
Secondary substrate - Quartz
Manual adjustments/collimation for both mirrors
Primary mirror cage - Carbon Fiber
Truss tubes - Carbon Fiber
Obstruction - 24%
Primary fans included


930 x 330 x 330 mm including focuser length
Weight - 13 kgs
Back-focus from end of back plate - 215 mm
Focuser: 2'' Feathertouch or 2'' Moonlite DC
Focuser travel: 50 mm

Items included:

- shroud pack (secondary casing shroud, secondary cage shroud, truss shroud)
- side plates (pair)
- handle
- dovetail.

Extra Items that can be added (please call/email to add these to your order):

- primary mirror heater
- secondary focus pack (includes control box for fans, heaters, focus, cables)

Price is inclusive of import costs.

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