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3.5" Prime Focus Field Flattener for 130 StarFire GTX (13035FF)

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The new 3.5” Field Flattener for the 130 Starfire GTX is a redesigned housing that utilizes the superb optics of the 67PF562.  It provides pin point stars to the very corners of your CCD or DSLR sensor. The 130 GTX images at f/6.7 with the Flattener. It accommodates today’s largest sensors (even the KAF-50100).

Conveniently, it uses the same camera adapters as the Quad TCC (and those of the flatteners and TCCs of the 160 and 175 Starfires).  Machined aluminum covers are included.

Important Note: If you are upgrading your 130 EDFGT scope from the 2.7” to the 3.5” focuser and already own the 67PF562 Field Flattener, the optics can be transferred into the new 3.5” housing, however it is not necessary to do so since the original housing can also be used with the 3.5" focuser.  


Schematic showing Backfocus Spacer and Adapter spacing.

The backfocus spacing from the rear flange is:
With Backfocus Spacer - 80.8 mm +/- 2.5 mm
Without Backfocus Spacer - 102.9 mm +/- 2.5 mm

Field of View with 130 Starfire GTX and 3.5" Field Flattener:  

Fully Illuminated Circle
35 mm Full Frame CCD

2.6” (65 mm)
18.0 x 13.5 mm
22.3 x 14.9 mm
36 x 24 mm
36.8 x 36.8 mm

4.3° (256 min.)
1.2° x .88° (71 x 53 min.)
1.5 ° x .98° (88 x 59 min.)
2.4° x 1.6° (142 x 97 min.)
2.4° x 2.4° (146 x 146 min.)


Adapters for CCD Field Flatteners and Telecompressor Correctors (ADATCC1, ADATCC2, ADATCC3, ADATCCEOS, A3513-A, ADATCCNIK)

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