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The new QHY410C uses Sony's latest back-illuminated, full frame color sensor. The IMX410 is essentially a back-illuminated version of the sensor used in the QHY128C camera. In addition to BSI, the IMX410 also has larger 5.96 pixels giving it increased sensitivity to extended objects in low light. The IMX410 is expected to be Sony's most sensitive full frame color sensor for astrophotography.

Similar in size and design to the QHY268C, the QHY410C will be available in two versions, a photographic version, the QHY410C-PH and a professional version, the QHY410C-Pro.

The QHY410C-PH (Photographic Version) is USB 3.0 only with 1GB DDR3 memory (32-bit data bus). It can output 15 frames per second, full resolution, 8-bit images or 7.5 frames per second, full resolution, 16-bit images.

The QHY410C-PRO (Professional Version) is USB 3.0 plus 2 x 10G fiber optic ports with 2GB DDR3 memory. It can output 19.2 frames per second, full resolution, 16-bit images or 40 frames per second, full resolution, 12-bit images. List price for the QHY410C-PRO professional version is TBD.



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