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If you want a tiny camera for both planetary imaging and autoguiding, the QHY5L-II is the best choice for you. After the success of the QHY 5 guiding camera (2006-2012), QHYCCD released the new generation Guide/Planetary Camera QHY5L-II.
QHY5L-II uses the APTINA MT9M034 CMOS sensor. QHY5L-II has both mono and color version. The mono sensor has 74% QE and also has very low readout noise also. At low gain it is approximately 7e- and at middle gain it is 4e-. At high gain the readout noise is as low as 2e-. With such high QE and low readout noise, you just need a very small guide scope. 30mm diameter is enough and you can find a suitable guide star anywhere.
The QHY5L-II uses a 1.25-inch style eyepiece design. It is ideal for a low-weight guider setup. With the location ring it can be parfocal with the your eyepiece. Improved thermal design can transfer the heat of CMOS sensor to the metal case quickly. 
The QHY5L-II has high speed data transfer performance. It can get 30FPS@1280*960 and 200FPS@320*240. This frame rate is very good for planetary capture.
The QHY5L-II supports WDM drivers. It means you can use it as a ultra high performance webcam for video chart or video live broadcast. You can show real-time astronomy scenes to your friends with this camera.
The QHY5L-II's high sensitivity and low noise is another highlight in the QHY5-II series. With unbelievable 74% QE, QHY5L-II's sensitivity even exceeds many CCD cameras. It is said the QHY5L-II's image quality is equivalent or beyond the ICX618 based cameras. The sensor's On-chip FPN (Fixed pattern Noise) calibration function solved the major problem of the CMOS technology. The image is clear and uniform even under high gain. With these advantages, the QHY5L-II makes an outstanding quality camera for planetary imaging, guiding, deep-sky imaging and all-sky camera.
The QHY5L-II includes a mono version and a color version.


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Note(*)In some computer can not get 2592*1444 at high speed readout, in these comptuer it works only in 2048*1944 at high speed readout

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