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76-D f/7.8 Field Flattener for FC-76D and FC100D Telescopes (TKA18582)

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The Takahashi FC-76D flattener is designed to convert the FC-76 telescope to an f/7.8 instrument. It may also be used with the FC-100D (at f/7.7). In the FC-76D, it produces a flat field and a 40 mm diameter image circle.  In the FC-100D, the image circle is 30 mm.


Telescope with Adapter

76D FL with FC-76DCU/DS 76D FL with FC-100DC/DF

Adapter Part Number

TKA18582 TKA18582


76mm 100mm


1.5" 1.16"

Limiting Magnitude

11.2 11.8

Light Gathering Power

120X 204X

Focal Length

594mm 770mm

Focal Ratio

f/7.8 f/7.7

Image Circle Diameter

 40mm 35mm

Optical Type

Fluorite Doublet Apochromat Fluorite Doublet Apochromat

Tube Diameter

280mm 95mm

Tube Length (With Lens hood retracted)

 DCU: 80mm

DS: 95mm


Tube Weight

DCU: 1.9kg

DS: 3.0kg


Recommended Finder

6x30 7x50

Metal Back Distance

56.0 mm 56.0mm

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