82° Eyepiece Kit
82° Eyepiece Kit
82° Eyepiece Kit
82° Eyepiece Kit
82° Eyepiece Kit

Explore Scientific

82° Eyepiece Kit

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This kit includes the 6.7mm, 11mm, 18mm, and 30mm eyepieces from the 82° series of eyepieces.

Explore Ultra-Wide Eyepieces - Comfort, Quality, Value. Explore Scientific 82° Series™ eyepieces, with their 82 degree apparent field of view, immerses you in a very comfortable ultra-wide field that naturally promotes relaxation at the eyepiece. When you relax your eyes and take in the scene presented before you, it is much easier to observe for longer periods of time, and details begin to materialize that may not have become apparent to you at first glance. Another great benefit of ultra-wide eyepieces is the ease with which you can gaze, not directly at an object, but slightly to either side. This skill, called using averted vision, is especially helpful when observing faint objects, because using averted vision puts the image on a part of your eye that is more sensitive to light, allowing you to see fainter images.


Description 6.7mm 82° Series Argon-Purged Waterproof Eyepiece 11mm 82° Series Argon-Purged Waterproof Eyepiece 18mm 82° Series Argon-Purged Waterproof Eyepiece
Item Number EPWP8267-01 EPWP8211-01 EPWP8218-01
Focal Length 6.7mm 11mm 18mm
Length 90mm 87mm 89mm
Width 43mm 48mm 56mm
Weight 8.0oz; 228g 89.8oz; 279g 13.7oz; 390g
Barrel Size 1.25” 1.25” 2.00”
Eye Relief 15.7mm 15.6mm 13mm
Field Stop Diameter 9.5mm 15.9mm 25.3mm


Description 30mm 82° Series Argon-Purged Waterproof Eyepiece
Item Number EPWP8230-01
Focal Length 30mm
Length 131mm
Width 82mm
Weight 35.5oz; 1007g
Barrel Size 2.00”
Eye Relief 22mm
Field Stop Diameter 43mm

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