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Adapter for Dovetail Saddle Plates (Q4044)

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Adapter to use Dovetail Saddle Plates with All Takahashi Mounts that Have  2-hole Mounting Pattern and the GiroDX Mount

This adapter will enable you to use our dovetail plates with your EM-10, EM-200, Teegul and other Takahashi mounts; Giro2DX or any mount that has, or can be adapted to have, a 2-hole M8 mounting pattern on the top of the declination axis. The two holes are spaced 1.378" or 35 mm apart. The four outer holes are tapped 1/4 - 20 to accept the Astro-Physics plates.

Bolt the Q4044 adapter to the mount (screws provided), then attach our DOVE08 (as shown), DOVE15, DOVELM2,DOVELM162, or DOVELM16 and DOVELM (previous models). You will also need the corresponding sliding bar. The FP1500 can also be used with this adapter.

Note: this adapter is black anodized as shown in the image.

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