Adjustable Focal Reducer (AFR) for ONAG

Innovations Foresight

Adjustable Focal Reducer (AFR) for ONAG

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Adjustable Focal Reducer (AFR) for ONAG.

Innovations Foresight provides a near infrared (NIR) optimized adjustable focal reducer (AFR) made with aspheric optics. This reducer (which is optimized for near IR light) is used with your guider when you want to place a focal reducer/corrector in front of your imaging camera, at the ONAG®’s imager port (IP). The AFR allows your guider to reach focus with a short optical path at the ONAG®’s guider port (GP). It increases the guider FOV as well. The AFR works with most FRs, including the Celestron, Meade 0.63x, 0.33x, Starizona SCT corrector, Optec, … See the FAQs section or download the ONAG® user manual from our website for further information.

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