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Altair 60mm Guide Scope Kit Straight Thru Non-rotating Helical Focuser (NO EYEPIECE)

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ltair 60mm Guide Scope with a 1.25" non-rotating Micro focuser, OTA, rings, stalk, and UNIFBR base.
Focal length is 225mm (F3.75)  which is perfect for autoguiding, making it a good choice for autoguiding with small / medium refractors of less than approximately 1.2m focal length.
The focuser has a 1.25" ID push-fit adapter with brass compression ring, allowing use of auto-guiding cameras or 1.25"  eyepieces.
The indexed micro-focuser can be locked, enabling the eyepiece or camera to be pre-set at the correct focus-point.
Because the focuser does not rotate, the guide camera is easier to focus and maintain alignment on-target.
The rear of the focuser also includes a T2 thread to allow the addition of extensions. 
The finder stalk is compatible with most finder scope brackets on the market, but also includes a universal finder bracket also sold separately (product code UNIFBR), with a cross-slotted hole pattern to fit most telescopes.

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