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AstroElectric Polar Scope Dimmer Controller (AEDIM)

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This battery-powered controller unit by AstroElectric powers the illuminator for your Astro-Physics Polar Alignment Scope and allows you to adjust the LED brightness. It can be used with the PASILL4L or PASILL4L-179 if you don't wish to power your illuminator from the mount's control box.

You can also use it to replace the battery pack that was included with the PASILL4 and PASILL3 (earlier Polar Scope versions). No more hassle trying to determine which polarity cable you need. One of the jacks on the top of the controller has standard polarity; the other has reverse polarity. If your LED doesn't light while plugged into one jack, try the other.

Parts included: Two"AA" batteries. Velcro strips.

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