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Astronomy Class Gift Card

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All courses are $45 and the attendee will receive a $20 discount code when attending one of our classes, redeemable in store or online.  The code will be delivered upon arrival for the class. If we do not currently have an active class schedule, you can purchase the Astronomy Class Gift Card.  That gift card can then be redeemed toward any future class of your choosing when our schedule is released.

All classes are at 6:30pm, located at our Ballard store at 2821 NW Market St, Suite

Examples of classes we teach:

How To Use A Telescope/Intro to Astronomy

Come learn how to get started in astronomy! This class will teach you the fundamentals of visual observing including mount types and their uses, star-hopping, and how to choose eyepieces and accessories. The instructor will teach you how to easily and effectively find your way around the night sky.

Astrophotography Calibration Frames

If you are an astroimager, you’ve most definitely heard you should be taking calibration frames.  But what are they and what do they do?  How do you take them?  Do you need to take them every time you image?  This course will explain all things calibration, along with tips and tricks for taking them and where to use them in your processing workflow.

Learning Your Way Around PixInsight

PixInsight is widely used for astrophotography processing. While being an incredibly powerful program to use, the learning curve can be steep. This course is designed to familiarize you with the PixInsight UI, walking through things like the differences between processes and scripts and how to apply a process to an image. The instructor will get you started so you can begin to process your first images.

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