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Quantum Scientific Imaging

Auto-Focus Bracket

  • 36500

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This dovetail mounting bracket provides a flexible and secure platform for holding a QSI 500 or 600 Series camera with a camera lens attached and a belt-driven automated focusing system. It is intended to be used with QSI WS models using Canon or Nikon lenses, or with QSI WSG models using Pentax 6x7 lenses. A FeatherTouch focus motor is available with flexible mounting options for focusing any camera lens that has a traditional a helical focuser. The mounting bracket base is a standard Losmandy dovetail plate. It includes to risers to securely hold the QSI camera, plus a sliding bracket to hold the automated focus motor and a separate plate where a red-dot finder can be attached. Works with any QSI camera or DSLR. The QSI camera is positioned such that the connector panel on the bottom of the camera is fully accessible. 



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