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Base for Quick Release Finder Brackets (QRBASED)

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This dual-radius base is designed to securely fit scopes of all diameters.  It incorporates radi for both less than 6" and greater than 6" diameters, so that it will automatically contour to fit all your scopes.

It mounts onto the pre-drilled holes of your Astro-Physics refractor or other commercial telescope that utilizes the same side-to-side hole spacing (see dimensions below). Fortunately, the spacing between the holes of most finder brackets is standardized. The dovetail design of this base accepts these items:

Although we assemble the bases for right-handed use, you can easily move the stop screw to the opposite position and rotate the base 180° for left-handed use.

The base is small enough that you can leave it attached to your scope. Simply loosen the thumbscrews and slide the finder assembly out. When you place your scope into its case, turn the scope so that the base is in a corner position.

You may wish to purchase an extra base to attach to other telescopes so that you can swap your finder easily from one instrument to another. If your scope has multiple finder bracket holes, you can either have multiple types of finders on your scope or have the ability to quickly switch your finder from one side of the scope to the other.

The mounting hole spacing is approximately 1 3/8" (34.9 mm) side-to-side and uses 10-32 x 5/8" Phillips Pan Head screws for attachment. The base length is 1.35" (34.3 mm).

Weight: 2.1 oz. (0.07 kg)

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