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Medium size. Support five standard 2inch filter or five round 50mm unmounted filter.With an optional disk it supports seven 36mm unmounted filter also.
QHYCFW2-M has two models: QHYCFW2-M-UltraSlim and QHYCFW2-M-Standard. The thickness is 17mm for UltraSlim model and 21.5mm for standard model.The weight is 675g for UltraSlim model and 705g for standard model.
QHYCFW2-M is the secondary generation color filter wheel of QHYCCD. We improved the mechanical design and electric design. The QHYCFW2-M has the following advantages:
  • Gear driven disk. Stable and solid.
  • Specially designed filter disk allow different glass thickness for unmounted filters. From 0.7mm to 5mm.
  • Motor moved to a corner to increase the work area.
  • Increased the precision for filter location.
  • Support USB port and powered by USB when connected with computer.
  • Support the 4PIN QHY CFW socket on QHY11,QHY21/22/23 and InterCam
Mechanical Information for QHYCFW2-M
It has both M54/0.75, 3.5mm thickness thread on telescope side M54/0.75 2.5mm thickness thread on camera side. On camera side it has a 2mm stage which is used for avoid the light leaking when connect camera. It has six M3 screw holes on telescope side which can be used to connect QHYOAG and six 3mm through holes on camera side which can be used to connect InterCam series camera.
QHYCFW2-M-Standard (Only the difference is shown here. Other size is the same with the UltraSlim version)
The disk for seven 36mm unmounted filter. It can be installed on both QHYCFW2-M-SuperSlim and QHYCFW2-M-Standard
Mechanical size for QHYCFW2-M-SR
Mechanical size for QHYCFW2-M-US

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