MegaMOAG 3" to 4" Off-Axis Guider


MegaMOAG 3" to 4" Off-Axis Guider

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The MegaMOAG takes the design of the MonsterMOAG and adapts it for telescope systems with larger optical openings.  It comes with the same camera-side adapter as the MonsterMOAG but it has a 4" opening on the scope side and comes with a 4 1/16" - 24 male adapter to connect to larger extension tubes found on the back of many larger telescopes.  The body is larger and the pick-off prism is further from center.  It has the same 1.25" body thickness as the MonsterMOAG.  It comes with either a single guide port (MeMOAG-1) or two ports (MegaMOAG-2), as shown in the picture.  As with the MonstermOAG, a black metal plate will cover the unused port for a MeMOAG-1.  A second port assembly can be added at a later time with the MonsterMOAG Extra Port Assembly (MMOAG-PORT).

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