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Mini GuideScope

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An ultra lightweight guide scope for QHY5-II Series.  NOTE, this is the guide scope and mounting kit ONLY.  The camera is sold separately (shown here only for demonstration purposes)
miniGuideScope - an ultra lightweight guide scope for QHY5-II Series
When the pixels of a guide camera becomes small and QE becomes high, you may not need a big guide scope. The small pixels can detect the guide error in a short focal length. When the focal lenth is reduced, the FOV becomes bigger. You can find the bright guide star very easy.
QHYCCD's new miniGuideScope is just based this idea. QHY5L-II has 74% high QE, 4 electron readout noise and 3.75um small pixels. This camera is idea for the short focal guide scope. miniGuideScope is a f=130mm Diameter=30mm ultra small telescope with F4.3 ratio. It has no complex focal adjust system. Just rotate the front part focuser it can get fine focal adjustment. There is a locker to fix the focuser position.When it get focus you can lock it and no need focus again in future.
The miniGuideScope has sharp star point than the industry long focal lens.



miniGuideScope Specification
Focal length
F/ ratio
Camera Interface
C/CS mount
OTA diameter
31.6mm(Same with QHY5-II series)
Front Part Focuser with digit mark and locker
Price(without tax)                      USD119 with adapter


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