Mini V2 Focuser Controller


Mini V2 Focuser Controller

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The Mini V2 controller works with all MoonLite high res stepper motors, both the original stepper motor and the new slip clutch version.  The controller has a single port fro running 1 focuser at a time. The controller is an ASCOM compliant stepper motor controller that works with all ASCOM based software packages out there today such as Focus Max, CCDSoft, MaximDL,  SGP, etc. However we include non ASCOM based software programs for customers that may not want to run ASCOM. The Focus Controller has a remote temperature probe and runs on 12 Volts DC. We include an AC adapter that has all the different plug configurations (US, Europe, UK, and Australia); however, most customers will simply use 12-volt power off their mount. This  controller is designed to be used remotely by a PC or at the scope location using the buttons, no PC required. It can do both manual and PC operation at the same time. A USB cable, DB9 motor controller cable, remote temp probe, and serial cable is included along with a 12 Power supply.


  • Full PC ASCOM compliant SW ability( just install out ASCOM driver).
  • Full manual operation at the scope and at the PC
  • Also works with MoonLite's non ASCOM based software for simple operation.
  • Temperature probe
  • USB
  • 12 volt multi voltage / plug system adapter to work in all countries.
  • includes all cables 6 feet long 
  • $250
  • Extra long  25' serial cable is available by request.

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