MotoFocus+ for Vixen 2.7 Inch Focuser V-Style Mounting
MotoFocus+ for Vixen 2.7 Inch Focuser V-Style Mounting
MotoFocus+ for Vixen 2.7 Inch Focuser V-Style Mounting

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MotoFocus+ for Vixen 2.7 Inch Focuser V-Style Mounting

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Focusing is made easy with JMI MotoFocus – for Vixen 2.7 Inch Focuser (V-Style Mounting). MotoFocus is a battery operated hand control with an electric focus motor that attaches to the shaft of a focuser knob (or the knob itself) for precise, vibration-free focusing at high power without the need to touch the telescope.

MotoFocus is great for visual and photographic use and features variable speed for coarse and fine adjustments.  Precise positioning is accomplished through electronic braking.  Mounting is easy and requires no drilling or tapping.

This unit is for use with models with protruding telescope mounting block (V style), Part Number MFVREF

For use with models without protruding telescope mounting block (view C style), Part Number MFCREF

Compatible with Vixen 2.7″ Focuser, Orion (Refractors with Vixen rack-and-pinion focuser); Stellarvue (Refractors with Vixen rack-and-pinion focuser)

Photo two shows the newer Vixen Refractor housing style where the Telescope Mounting Block (left) is protruding higher than the Focuser Tension Plate (right).  This style uses the MFVREF (V Style) part number.  (The focuser tension plate is where MotoFocus is mounted.)  With the C-style housing, the focuser tension plate is higher than any other part of the housing in the immediate vicinity.

Photo three shows the two styles of MotoFocus mounting brackets, the older C style (left) and newer V style with shaft expander (right).

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