OMC200 Deluxe Maksutov Cassegrain


OMC200 Deluxe Maksutov Cassegrain

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In the late 90’s we brought out a bigger brother to the very successful OMC140 Maksutov Cassegrain, the OMC200. This telescope was designed purely for planetary and lunar observing.
It was a typical planetary telescope designed around a design Harrie Rutten devised, the Rumak.

The Rumak uses a separate secondary mirror, this enables a greater amount of flexibility in the design, it also allows a major feature of any Maksutov to be ‘miniaturised’, the secondary mirror. Typical Maksutovs have secondary mirrors which vary in size from around 26% up to a rather large, 45%. The OMC200 has a 22% secondary mirror, 4.8% obstruction to the light path.

What effect has this on the image quality? It enables a reflecting telescope to be as close as possible to a refractor’s performance in terms of MTF (modular Transfer Function) MTF is the data which determines how much low contrast detail can be seen in an image, e.g. faint bands on Jupiter. Telescopes with MTF curves which are less effective than the OMC200 reduce the amount of detail visible in an image.

MTF has nothing to do with PV wavefront accuracy, that can be measured on a Zygo for instance, MTF is far more difficult to measure but, the MTF plot of the OMC200 and the PV wavefront results guarantee you an incredible journey into the best planetary and lunar views you might possibly ever see in an Earth based telescope. 
(see RMS Spot Radius vs Field Plot below)

Why did we stop making it then?
The corrector lens in an OMC200 has to be virtually flawless. The corrector glass we were buying initially when making the OMC200 fell into this category but, it later declined in quality and we had to discontinue production rather than send out any slightly below perfect telescopes. We have now received samples from a new supplier and have successfully put 5 pieces into work for customers. As a result of this we are now in a position to offer again this superb telescope.






Primary Mirror


Secondary Mirror


Focusing Method

100% zero image
shift micrometer

Mirror Coating

Hilux on
both mirrors

Tube Length


Tube Material

Carbon Fibre
with Vents

Focal Length


Focal Ratio


Tube Weight


Optical Back

(2" available)

Mount Fixing

Dovetail of
your choice

Wavefront Optics



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