Polar Meter for Polarie Star Tracker

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Polar Meter for Polarie Star Tracker

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Vixen's  Polar Meter is a compass with a bubble level and an altitude scale used with the Polarie Star Tracker Mount for locating Polaris.  It attaches to the accessory shoe on the Polarie Star Tracker or any instrument equipped with a camera accessory shoe.

  • Set altitude scale to your location
  • Point the Polar Meter toward North
  • Level the meter so that the bubble is centered
  • Polaris is viewed through Polarie's Polar viewer


Compass Type: Oil Fluid compass

  • Azimuth Scale: 1° increments 
  • Point of Direction: Marked with luminous paint
  • Altitude Scale: 5° increments (within +/- 70°)
  • Level: Built in bubble level
  • Applicable: Any instrument with a camera accessory shoe. (Note: The camera accessory shoe must be aligned parallel to the optical axis of the camera lens.)

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