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Polar Scope PF-L for Polarie Star Tracker

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The New Vixen Polarie Polar Scope PF-L improves on the performance of Vixen's original polar scope. Using a 3 star alignment with a smart phone app, setting up alignment is an easy process.

■ In the northern hemisphere, the polar axis is aligned by placing three bright stars in the 
specified positions.
■ No need to set hour angle.
■ The built-in scale is illuminated in red, so that it is clearly visible in the night sky. 
■ The brightness of the dimmable illumination can be adjusted in 8 steps.
■ When pressing the illumination button, the scale is illuminated for one to two minutes.
■ Power will automatically turn off after one to two minutes to prevent unnecessary power 
Configure your Meridian offset and time zone calculator with our handy tool Here


• Magnification: 6x
• Aperture: 20mm
• Real Field of View: 8°
• Type: 3 Star Alignment precessional compensation (until 2040)
• Illumination: Auto power off type dark field illuminator is integrated- adjustable in 8 steps
• Power: CR2032 Battery – Included
• Installing Accuracy: Within approx. 3 arc min
• Size: 60mm x 142mm
Weight: 7.7 oz

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