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Porta II Mount

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The Vixen Porta II Mount is completely intuitive and a pleasure to use. It's sturdy and simple and you'll spend less time tinkering with your telescope mount and more time looking at the sky!


Vixen's Porta II Mount is a solid alt-azimuth mount with a 20lb payload capacity and features Slow Motion Flexible Handles to minimize vibrations and keep your view sharp. This is very useful in searching and tracking celestial objects, or ships at sea and birds in trees. The Sky at Night Magazine says: "When moving the telescope around the sky with this mount, we found any vibrations quickly dampened down. The whole system was very stable, even when the tripod was at its maximum extended height"*. The Porta II Mount head is easily removed to allow for a switch to a heavier tripod.  In addition, this is a great mount for terrestrial viewing. With no locks or clutches, the gear drives make it a simple matter to precisely track a planet or a ship on the horizon by turning the elevation and/or azimuth control handles. The World-Standard dovetail attachment system on PORTA II was developed by Vixen. This allows the PORTA II Alt-azimuth mount to accept various dovetail mounted optical tubes and binoculars.  Read the Vixen Porta Mount Manual Here.


Mount: Port II Altazimuth Mount
Tripod: Aluminum 2 section adjustable; 90cm to 130cm
Mount Weight: 11 lb including tripod
Load Capacity: 20 lbs
Vertical and Horizontal Slow Motion: 120Tooth Wheel Gears whole circle movement; Friction control system
Telescope Attachment: Dove Tail Plate Accessories.
Flexible Slow Motion Handles (2)

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