ProLine ZTA Flanges

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The ZTA™ is an FLI adapter design that eliminates the common deficiencies found in most astronomical adapters. When you use the ZTA™ you will never experience tilted components, marred adapters, or wobbly interfaces!

The ZTA™ adapter system employs a circular spring that evenly distributes the pressure of three set screws against the ZTA™ dovetailed surface. The resulting clamping force between the two machined surfaces results in zero tilt, zero adapter marring and a complete elimination of problems associated with loose connections. The ZTA™adapter can be machined to fit nearly any type of camera, color filter wheel or telescope.

ZTA™ - featured in the Atlas focuser and the CenterLine color filter wheel. 

PL-AT ZTA: Proline to Atlas direct ZTA Flange

PL-CL ZTA:Proline to CenterLine direct ZTA FLange

Drawing of Atlas ZTA™ flange

Drawing of CenterLine ZTA™ flange


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