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Sky Atlas 2000.0, Deluxe Version - Laminated

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By Wil Tirion and Roger W. Sinnott
The standard against which all other star atlases are measured, each version of the Sky Atlas 2000.0 contains 26 charts covering the whole sky and showing 81,312 single, multiple and variable stars of magnitude of 8.5 and brighter and 2,700 deep-sky objects. Includes close- up charts of such areas as the celestial poles and the Virgo-Coma galaxy region as well as an acetate coordinate- grid overlay for determining accurate positions. Copublished by Sky Publishing and Cambridge University Press.

The Deluxe Version:
Deeb-sky Objects are color-coded by type for easy identification.
21x16-1/4 inches, spiralbound along the top for easy field use.



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