SolaREDi 66mm Telescope


SolaREDi 66mm Telescope

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All-In-One design marries high quality components of a our new fully integrated telescope design. Through design efficiency and optimization, now users can enjoy the known high quality optics of DayStar* at an affordable price.

The SolaREDi 66 contains a custom Daystar Instruments 2.3X telecentric barlow lens fully optimized in coatings and optical design specifically for the Hydrogen Alpha wavelength. This highly specialized telecentric lens offers superior field flatness.

Sold in a choice of Chromosphere or Prominence model at the same price, observers can buy a filter based on their desired observing goals instead of their budget.  Choose prominences and surface (Chromosphere) detail. Both are available for the same low price!  .

*The 66mm SolaREDi assembly is a product of DayStar Instruments, using DayStar Filters' Fabry Perot etalon technology.

* HALF-BANDWIDTH: The term half-bandwidth refers to an optics industry standard of measure. On a chart depicting the peak where light is transmitted, that peak's width is measured at the point 50% between zero and full transmission. This term is called half-bandwidth.


Fully controlled & tunable
66mm H-Alpha Solar Telescope
EFL: 943mm - F/14.3
1.25” Dual Speed Focuser
Vixen Dovetail Mounting foot
Solar Finder
Hard Aluminum Storage Case
1.25” drawtube and SCT adapter
USB Power

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