StarGuy Solar Finder (SGSF)
StarGuy Solar Finder (SGSF)
StarGuy Solar Finder (SGSF)

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StarGuy Solar Finder (SGSF)

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The finder fits into all standard finder bracket shoes.

For your safety and that of your equipment, be sure that your solar filter is attached to your scope before you start this process. The Solar Finder uses a projection of the sun’s rays for alignment. You should not look through the finder at any time as the sun can damage your eyes

The StarGuy Solar Finder attaches to your scopes finder shoe. The side with the “pinhole” faces the sun. Tighten it in place with the set screws on the finder shoe.

Loosen the white adjustment knob slightly and move the unit so that it is aligned with your scope. The sun shines through the pinhole and projects a small white dot onto the circle on the back of the unit. Center this projection on the circle.

Look through a wide field eyepiece, with your solar filter in place. The sun should be visible in your scope. It may not be centered.

If the sun is not visible, center the sun in your scope using a low power eyepiece and then re-align the Solar Finder by loosening the front adjustment knob. Tighten firmly when finished.





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