USED Solarmax 90 Ha BF30 Solar Filter with 127mm Achromatic Refractor
USED Solarmax 90 Ha BF30 Solar Filter with 127mm Achromatic Refractor
USED Solarmax 90 Ha BF30 Solar Filter with 127mm Achromatic Refractor


USED Solarmax 90 Ha BF30 Solar Filter with 127mm Achromatic Refractor

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This Used Coronado Solar Max 90 H-a BF30 Filter is in great condition.

  • Screws directly into AR127

The AR 127mm that comes with this set is in Good condition and includes:

  • D-Plate and Rings           
  • Original Case            
  • Tele Vue Sol Searcher solar finder       
  • Particle Wave Tech. Desiccant Cap



      The classic air-spaced, crown-and-flint, doublet achromatic refractor is reborn with the aim to produce superior-class optical figure in a short (f/6.5) focal length design with Explore Scientific Air-Spaced Doublet AR Series. When you choose the AR 127 mm model, you will be impressed by the stunning images revealed to you at the eyepiece, and all at a small fraction of the price you'd pay for a comparably sized apochromat refractor.

      Designed to handle the rigors of public star parties and educational outreach, the Explore Scientific AR Series telescopes come with heavy-duty, high quality components, including a 2" dual-speed Crayford-style focuser, a one-piece 2" diagonal with 99% dielectric coatings, an 8 X 50 non-illuminated straight -thru finderscope and quick release bracket, and a cradle ring assembly with Vixen-style dovetail mount. Just add a few eyepieces and the alt-azimuth or equatorial mount of your choice and you'll be ready to discover the Universe!

      Solarmax 90

      The SolarMax 90 can be used on almost any telescope design under 3000mm focal length. However, the larger 90mm aperture increases resolution and allows for the user to view individual sections of solar activity at high magnification and when viewing at full disk the user gets the impression of curvature on the surface. The extra resolution will provide some stunning views; you haven't seen the sun until you have looked down through a filament onto an active region. The SolarMax 90 provides consistent and breathtaking H-Alpha views. All SolarMax series filters are sold in sets. The front mounted SolarMax and rear blocking filter. Almost all telescopes will require an adaptor plate in order to attach the SolarMax, these are available from Coronado or through your dealer. The SolarMax includes a T-Max de-tuning filter. Some events on the Sun,- notably active flares and coronal mass ejections (CME), are extremely fast moving. If such features occur on the disc of the Sun, their high velocity towards the observer results in their wavelength being Doppler shifted shorter than Ha.

      Blocking Filter
      The Blocking Filter is the second element in any Coronado H-Alpha system, it is just as crucial to your safety and the system's performance as the front element. Use the following guidelines for selecting which Blocking Filter you need based on the focal length of the telescope being used. If you are switching to a longer focal length telescope your SolarMax system you can purchase blocking filters separately. There is no advantage for visual use in using a larger blocking filter than required based on the focal length; however, based on customer feedback, we understand that for imaging with telescopes under 500mm fl, the BF10 is easier to use than the BF5. The Blocking Filter is not a stand alone filter. It is an integral part of the Coronado design and cannot be used without a SolarMax series filter on the front of the optical system.


      Description 127mm Achromatic Air Space Doublet Refractor
      Item Number DAR127065-01
      Focal Length 826mm
      Focal Ratio f/6.5
      Resolution .9 arcsec
      Tube Length
      w/ Dew Shield
      34"; 863mm
      Diameter 130mm
      Weight 15.6lb; 7.1kg
      Dovetail Vixen
      Dew Shield Diameter 175mm


      Aperture:                  90mm
      • Focal Length:            Variable
      • F/Ratio:                     Variable
      • Bandwidth:               <0.7Å
      • Thermal Stability:     0.005 Å/°C
      • Safety Blocking:      >10-5 from EUV/IR

      F/L <3000mm- Image Size: 27.2mm - BF30

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