USED 60mm Compact Guide Scope
USED 60mm Compact Guide Scope


USED 60mm Compact Guide Scope

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USED 60mm Compact Guide Scope

This guide scope comes in original packaging. 80mm RINGS ARE NOT INCLUDED.


60mm CompactGuide scope with PLUS rings is, at a really affordable price, a perfect guide scope with 60mm diameter and 240mm focal length (f/4) achromatic lens and non rotative 31,8mm helical focuser. Thanks to fast focus adjustment, it can also be used as a powerful optical finder since it allows you to reach the focus point with normal 31,8mm eyepieces.


Our 60mm CompactGuide scope is simultaneously both a finder that a guide scope! It offers, at a great price, with an achromatic lens 60mm diameter and 240mm focal length (f/4) and a non-rotary helical focuser with connection for 31,8mm accessories and fast focus adjustment to allow you to reach the focus point both with eyepieces (for use as a finder) and with guide cameras (for use as a small guide scope).

Designed for use with many guide cameras (which can be inserted in the 31.8mm focuser connection or screwed on the T2 thread of the focuser), it can be used as a great optical finder adding a 31,8mm diameter eyepiece! The 60mm CompactGuide scope has a precision helical focuser that keeps the orientation of the connected camera. In fact, by acting on the focus mechanism, the camera does not rotate and this feature is essential for proper use with autoguiding software. The precision helical focuser has a 10mm travel while the fast focus device (constituted by a sliding tube with lock screw) has a 23mm travel.



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